SL 2 published to Adobe Connect and mobile device output.

Aug 18, 2015

when publishing to Adobe Connect, we can not get the output to play on mobile device.

Here's what we've tried

1)      Use LMS publishing with AICC selected. Reporting and Tracking button next to LMS selection to set pick “Passed/Failed”

2)      PUBLISH

3)      When its done, click Open Folder

4)      Change index_lms.html to index.html

5)      Select all files and create a ZIP

6)      Load to Connect Content and make a course out of it.

We tried selecting Include HTLM5 output and Use AMP for mobile. Then we tried just including HTLM5 but not the AMP player.


We also tried changing the Player Properties > browser setting size to Resize browser to fill screen.


All of these options are doing the same thing when we try to view the link on a mobile device. A blank white page in the browser. We are not getting the option to download the AMP player. We tried just downloading the AMP player but no luck.


Not sure what we are doing wrong? Any suggestions, help....?


Thanks, Anita



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