SL 360: Clear numeric entries on slide revisit

Hi there,

I have a few numeric entries on a slide and the slide property is set to 'Reset to initial state' on revisit. However, on revisit, the numeric entries still retain the entries from the previous attempt and are not resetting/clearing the fields. I tried resetting the numeric entry variable to value 0 on revisit, but this doesn't seem to fix it. Any help would be appreciated. 



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Prathiba Sriram

Hi, thanks for the response. I added triggers to reset the value of each variable, however, that displayed 0 on revisit. Instead, we'd like to be able to clear all the fields upon revisit. I've added the below  JS script that I saw from this forum, but this now shows NaN upon revisit instead of cleared fields. Any suggestions will be great. Thanks so much!

var player = GetPlayer();
var empty1 = "";
player.SetVar("NumericEntry55", empty1);
player.SetVar("NumericEntry56", empty1);
player.SetVar("NumericEntry57", empty1);
player.SetVar("NumericEntry58", empty1);
player.SetVar("NumericEntry59", empty1);