SL 360: Freeform pick many - not recognizing correct answers

Hello, I have rebuilt a particular basic multiple select free form question slide multiple times and cannot figure out why it will not recognize the correct answers based on settings in the form window. I have two other free form pick many slides that work but this particular style just will not. I have had to reset the states as well because they keep changing the Selected formatting style after I update them. Any others having this issue? Suggestions? I attached a template with only multiple select knowledge checks and the first is the problem.

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Wendy Farmer
Brandon Tanguay

Is this button set something new?

No Brandon

Button sets have been around since SL1

Button sets enable you to create interactions in which a learner can select just one object at a time out of a group of objects. This is cool because it allows you to make just about any objects behave like radio buttons.

Do you have an issue with one of your Pick One's you need help with?

Brandon Tanguay

I have used the button sets before, but the behavior in this project is that I selected a Pick Many slide, added the objects and set the selections for the correct answers and for some reason, Storyline set a "Pick One" Button set on the Pick Many slide.

Based upon the info in this thread, I was able to figure it out, but this has never happened before.