SL 360 (HTML 5 only) freezes on LMS if reviewed after having resumed

Hi community

Having a hard time with Storyline 360:

SL 360 module (HTML 5 only) freezes on LMS (SCORM Cloud, CSOD)  if reviewing after having resumed. This happens whenever we set one or more "Draw from question banks" on randomly choosing a specific number of questions. If we do not choose a random number of questions (but all) the error does not occur. We have installed the latest SL 360 update.

Help is very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance


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Katie Riggio

Hi, Victor. Sorry for the trouble!

What you're describing sounds like a close match to an issue we fixed in Storyline 360, update 3.25.18009.0: Where a course could freeze or lock up when retrying a quiz from a question bank. Specifically, when viewing the content on Chrome.

If that matches your setup and you're on the latest update, would you mind sharing your .story file with me so I can take a close look? You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by using this upload link.

I'll delete it once we solve this puzzle!

Victor Linnemann

Hi community

In the meantime the support is working on the issue.

I can't believe no one of the SL 360 users has observed this issue so far.

Here are the ingredients to reproduce it:

(A) Storyline version and settings for publishing

  • SL 360 v3.25.18088.0
  • LMS, SCORM 1.2
  • HTML 5 only, modern Player
  • always resume
  • draw from question bank(s), randomly choose x from a pool of y questions
  • result slide with review option

(B) How to reproduce

  • upload on LMS (SCORM cloud)
  • move through the elearning, exit and resume at least one time (before taking the test or afterwards)
  • do the test
  • review the test

the freeze will occur while reviewing a question. If you want to avoid the issue: Disable randomly drawing questions from any of the question banks in the story file.  

I have uploaded a minimalistic story file that is capable of reproducing the error, see above "New_story_new_QBs.story"

As we have the requirement to use exactly the above settings for all productions:

Do you have a suggestion for a workaround that we could use while waiting for a hotfix or update?

Downgrading to the SL 360 version from November 2018 helps but has other implications so that I would not recommend it to you.

Best regards


Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Victor. Thanks for checking in. We're still looking into the issue where a course freezes when a reviewing quiz from multiple question banks. This happens when the bank is set to draw one question randomly, and if the Resume behavior is set to "Always resume".

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