SL 360 not opening in SL3

Jun 12, 2021

Storyline 360 (Build 3.52.25247.0) file not opening in Storyline 3. I think the issue is due to the text box update. Please confirm if there is any way to open the SL360 file in SL3 or this is just the end of the road when we can not open SL360 in SL3.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Pankaj!

To help clarify, any new projects started in Update 52 will automatically use the Text AutoFit Improvements feature.

If you open an older project in Update 52, you will have to manually upgrade the text to use this feature. Once you make the switch, you can't turn it off, nor will you be able to revert to a previous version as your file now contains the new Autofit feature.

If your file was created in an older version, can you take advantage of the backup that was created when you made the upgrade?