SL 360 quirk in Knowledge Check feedbacks

Jan 29, 2020

I've noticed a little quirk while making Knowledge check slides with feedback. I copy the content from MS Word documents. After I set up the KC question and choices, I go to Form View to insert the feedbacks. After I paste in the first feedback, I have to wait about 5 seconds before I can open the next feedback slot. It doesn't matter which order I do it. SL freezes for about 5 seconds before I can do anything else. From then on, I can paste in the rest of the feedbacks without delay.

It's not the type of problem that prevents me from doing my work. It's just a weird quirk. Does anybody else experience this when putting together KC feedbacks?

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Lauren Connelly


Sorry, you've hit this snag! I'm happy to help!

I've recreated your steps on my end and didn't have any delays when adding feedback from a Word document. Here's a look at my testing.

Is this happening in every project or just this one? Also, would you mind sharing a screen recording of what you're seeing on your end?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Eric!

Thank you for taking the time to create and share the screen recording! It is definitely a quirk!

I tried to recreate the exact bug on my end and didn't have any delays. I'm going to create a bug report so that we can begin tracking the impact. When I have an update, I'll be sure to report back to this discussion.

I appreciate you sharing this with us!

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