SL 360 recording window won't let me resize proportionally while dragging the corner.

Resolution of desktop is OK and at 100%. If I set the recording window to 16:9, for example, and try to drag the corner of the recording frame to resize, the frame will drag down, or drag right, but will not do both. Shift + drag doesn't help. Alt + drag doesn't help. I don't see a lock aspect ratio button/setting anywhere. This behavior happens on Windows 10 for my and my colleague. 

Has anybody seen this maddening behavior? Is there a fix?



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Vincent Scoma

Hey Sue,

I am so sorry that you are experiencing this strange snag here!

Our team has seen some odd behavior with screen recordings when:

  1. The author is recording on a setup that has dual monitors
  2. The screen resolution is more than 100% (or 96 DPI)

Does either of those setups sound like what could be happening on your computer? If so, I'd try disconnecting from the second monitor or changing the screen resolution to re-record. Let us know if that helps!