SL 360 Result slide crashing

Hello all,

I am currently running the latest updates. SL crashes when I go to the result slide. It doesn't matter if it's an existing course or creating a new course with an new result slide.  Also, if I select Control+T for text insert, SL crashes.  Could this be a bug? Any suggestions? My company is going through a rebranding and this is not helping. TIA

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Andrea Koehntop

Hello Ted! I am sorry to hear you are having this issue, and I'm sure this is frustrating even more with the changes you are going through at your company.

I found a similar thread with a response from a staff member at Articulate that may help to solve your problem. 

Please let me know if this helps! 

Andrea Koehntop

Great job trying to find new ways to fix this issue, and I'm sorry that it's still persisting. Have you submitted a case yet to Articulate Support? They can do some testing and look further into your issue there.

I know you mentioned that your company is going through a rebranding currently. Has anything on your computer setup changed recently with the rebranding? Have you attempted doing any of the repairs for Storyline 360?

I hope something works for you soon, and you can get back to focusing on your work. Please do let me know when your issue is resolved, I will be curious to see the outcome.