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Katie Riggio

Hi Marty. Let's tackle this together!

What did you pick as your Reporting and Tracking options? Specifically, these settings:


Also, are you comfortable with sharing the file for testing? You can send it privately to me through this upload link. I can gauge how the course works in another LMS environment such as SCORM Cloud!

Nuno  Cardoso

What LMS are you using?
Do you have the correct configurations in the LMS to deal with the tracking from the storyline?
Do you have the tracking in the export settings from the storyline correct?

Lots of questions arise to solve this issue :) if possible, share the project as Katie mentioned for easier debugging.

Marty D

Hi Katy,

For Reporting: I've tried both Pass/Incomplete and Complete/Incomplete. No joy with either.

For Tracking: I've used 'Track using quiz result' (and selected Result Slide - and there's only one result slide)

And, as I noted earlier - the SL course IS passing quiz results to Docebo - but the quiz results aren't being "remembered" in the actual SL course.


Vincent Scoma

Hi Edith,

Happy to help!

A couple of questions for you as we try to narrow down the issue:

  • Just to clarify, does the Rise course contain a quiz that isn't being tracked? 
  • When a learner completes a module, is the course reporting a complete and success

Please keep us updated and let us know if you have any questions!

Crystal Horn

Thanks for those details, Edith! I ran a test on a Rise 360 course with no quiz in SCORM Cloud, and I saw the correct completion and success status, with a score of "unknown." The format of the course I used was SCORM 1.2 with Passed/Incomplete reporting status.

Here's what I'd recommend for next steps:

  • Test your output in SCORM Cloud to compare the reporting there with what you see in your LMS.
  • Privately share your output with us, and we can have a look as well. Let us know which LMS format you used and what reporting status.