SL 360 upgrade broke some triggers

My help desk people finally got around to updating my SL 360 to version 3.34.20804.0 today, and the upgrade appears to have broken a bunch of my variable-related triggers related to displaying slide layers or changing states of objects. Everything was working fine on Friday; that was the day I retested my course and quiz for the umpteenth time, and then published it to Articulate Review for SME reviews. When I went in to work on something in the course, I discovered the triggers were not working right on some of my slides.  I had to delete and recreate them. 

Has anyone else encountered this with the November 19 update?



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Katie Riggio

Hi, Lisa. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and I'm so sorry you hit this obstacle!

A few questions to help us unlock what's happening:

  • Is this happening in any Storyline 360 project or a certain one?
  • If you're using the new trigger panel, what happens if you switch back to the classic workflow? (Here's how!)
  • With your permission, we're happy to troubleshoot an affected .story file. If that works for you, you can upload that file privately with this upload link. We'll delete it after a thorough look!