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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sam, 

Really sorry you're hitting a slow-down. I haven't run into any sluggish behavior with Storyline 360 Update 12, but I'm interested to find out if others have.

Our team would be happy to work with you on obtaining a roll-back to a previous version. You can submit your request for that right here. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi again Sam, Tracy, and Nancy!

Our Engineers would really like to get a closer look at your project file that is running particularly slow--that will help us identify the problem and begin looking into fixing this sluggish behavior.

If you wouldn't mind sharing your file with us, please send it using this link. Thank you!

Tracy Carroll

I’m working at home, using a desktop, Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit. No one else has access to my files.

These are the problems I'm having since the last update:

I cannot save a .story file I’m working on while I’m working on it. If I click SAVE, I get various error messages to the effect that some other person or process is using the file. [Not possible.] So I end up renaming the same file and doing SAVE AS over and over again. Articulate will not let me save a copy or overwrite the file. It has to be a SAVE AS with a new name.

If I try to Save a Copy or Overwrite, I get the Articulate has a problem and might close any second so kiss your presentation good-bye message. I also cannot publish the same file twice. I have to rename it, do a SAVE AS, then rename the published output folder title before publishing.

Unfortunately, I cannot replicate the issues I'm having with a brand new .story file. It's only happening with client files that I cannot attach.

Another issue that just came up is since the last update the Desktop App service is constantly on, no matter what. If I “End Task,” it just pops up again. I don’t need this service on constantly when I’m not using Articulate software. I want to be able to turn it off.

Previously, I was able to eliminate this situation by disabling the Desktop app from the Startup menu. It’s still “Disabled,” but that is meaningless because it’s constantly on anyway.

Tracy Carroll

Yep, I'm getting messages like the one Stephanie attached. However, I cannot kill the 360 Desktop App in Task Manager for more than a couple of seconds before it pops up again.

I've submitted a case to Articulate Support, and hopefully they will let me know how to roll back Storyline to before the latest update.

It would be great if the information about how to roll back to a version before the latest update was available on the website (if it is, I can't find it!).

I don't like having to wait and struggle with this issue for several more days before receiving this info. (My email from Support says I will probably get a response in 2 business days. That's could mean about three to four actual working days for me, because I don't necessarily get weekends off.)

From Support: "Our customer support engineers are on the job Monday-Friday, so you’ll hear from us again on Monday as soon as they’ve reviewed the details of your case."

I really think this roll-back information should be available for anyone to access at any time, rather than having to ask for the info and waiting days to get it. I'm going to be losing a lot of time due to this issue while working on the weekend.

Sam Carter
Tracy Carroll

I cannot save a .story file I’m working on while I’m working on it. If I click SAVE, I get various error messages to the effect that some other person or process is using the file. 

Hi Tracy,

Adding in that I've seen the same issue.  It may have something to do with DropBox running on your Workstation.  

We can't publish large courses without pausing DropBox.  It seems DropBox momentarily locks a file to shadow copy and that lock can be long enough for SL to crash.

Which brings me to why SL can't save.  I'm not sure about that one.  Like you, we save to a new filename by adding A, ...B, ...C etc to the end.

Sam Carter

Well, there may be some other real-time backup solution that works like DropBox on your computer/Workstation (I use the terms interchangeably).

DropBox for cloud-sharing (and I also use BackBlaze for backup) will both create "shadow copies" which sort-of leaves the file alone for your use while an image of the file is sent elsewhere. Either can momentarily lock a file.

Do you have any service that could be copying files elsewhere on your computer?

Tracy Carroll
I have DropBox, but I don't have it turned on unless I need it, and I never work on files while they are stored in DropBox. But maybe it's still a factor--I don't know.I have Carbonite backing up files continuously on my computer, so perhaps that's an issue. However, it's never been an issue before this update.I'm thinking now that I'll never update Articulate software immediately again. I'll wait several weeks, so I can check to see if people are reporting issues. If it's going to take several days before I can roll back an update, I don't want to have to deal with the repercussions of updating immediately!
Tracy Carroll

That would be great! I agree, a way to rollback from the desktop app would be ideal.

I do think there is a way to rollback if you contact Articulate Support, but I feel like I might have to jump through too many hoops to get to it. From reading various discussions, I think I might have to "prove" I need the rollback, and I have no time for that back-and-forth.

I'm going to try a Windows restore point this afternoon, but that hardly ever works for me. I almost always get the message that Windows could not restore my computer to an earlier version. This whole thing makes me VERY wary of updates!

Tracy Carroll

Hi all,

Justin just emailed me with the rollback url, so Articulate Support is getting back to people very quickly with this issue!

I've already rolled back my computer to before the latest update, so I didn't need to use the rollback link, but it was great to receive the info much faster than expected.