SL 360 Version V3.30.19518.0 issue: Audio timeline does not pause when other object on the timeline is clicked by mouse

Oct 03, 2019


Our developers noticed that after upgrading SL360 to V3.30.19518.0, during development, the audio timeline does not pause when they click other object on the timeline by mouse. Our developers use this feature all the time to synchronize the objects' appearance on the timeline with audio. Just wonder why this feature is pulled out, or it is a regression and the issue will be fixed in the future release?

Please let us know.

Thank you!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jihong,

Can you provide a video of what you're seeing? I reverted back to version 30 and wasn't able to replicate your issue. I found that if I double-clicked on an object in the timeline as the audio was playing, the audio paused.

Alternatively, you can type the letter "C" as the audio is playing multiple times to create cue points in the timeline for reference. That way, you only have to listen to the audio once to nail down your synchronizations!

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