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Jan 18, 2018

Hi there,

We upload our SL3 SCORM packages into D2L where we host our courses.  Lately it seems that brand new grade items associated with the scorm package are randomly created in the grade book - sometimes hours (or days!) after I initially add the modules.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Does anyone have any idea why or how this is happening?  We don't want the scorm package creating grade items and I'm looking how to avoid it in the future.  On export, we are tracking to the results slide.

Thanks for any insight!



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Marisa L.

Hi Joe,

We are still dealing with this issue and have not been able to resolve it yet.  Are you able to control your own D2L instance or is it centrally controlled like ours is?  There are some variables you might be able to play with:

There's one called: d2l.Tools.Content.AllowAutoSCORMGradeItem

It didn't work for us but it may work for you?  That being said, I don't have full permissions/access to our D2L so my testing is limited.

We've also found that the grade item is created when students start going into it - not necessarily when the module is posted.  It's hard to predict when it will be created.

Sorry I have no good news yet.  Let me know if you find any solutions.

Thank you,


Joe Tubioli

Hi Marisa,

Thanks for replying. I will forward this information onto my D2L System Administrator to see if it resolves the issue.

Oddly, enough my team and I experienced the same issue with the grade book item being created once the student attempted to access the Storyline Module. What version of SCORM are you using? 

Please keep me updated if/ when you discover a solution. 

Thank you,


Arts & Science Online

Hi Marisa,

Candace pointed me towards this thread :)

Are you using any type of activity in your Storyline Module that would report grades (e.g. true/false, multiple choice, quizzes, etc)? If so, are you tracking using the Quiz result or the number of slides viewed?

If you are tracking using quizzes (which it sounds like you might be doing), OnQ (or Brightspace for all those non Queen's folks) will create a grade item by default. The catch is that it won't create a grade item until it is accessed for the first time. When I export a SCORM package I always view it and then visit the gradebook to ensure the grade item has been created. If you don't want the grade item at all you can either export from Storyline using number of slides viewed as the tracking option (which might not be what you want) or you can allow the grade item to be created and disassociate it with the SCORM package and delete it. Alternatively, you could also move the grade item to a hidden category worth zero in the gradebook. 

Is there a particular reason why you are exporting in SCORM 2004 V4? I find that this format prompts the legacy player in our instance of OnQ. If you export in SCORM 1.2 the I find the content embeds better and you should have the ability to disassociate the grade item at the bottom of the page.

I really wish New SCORM was enabled in our instance of Brightspace as I think this would allow for more control over stuff like this. Unfortunately New SCORM conflicts with the External Tool permissions which we aren't supposed to have. D2L, is there any way to enable New SCORM without requiring External Tool Permissions?

I hope this helps! Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.



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