SL and Reply not working anymore after installing WIN 8.1

Hi all,

Just upgraded my PC and laptop to WIN 8.1 and both Storyline and Replay won't work anymore.

1. You get an UIAdminRequierdNotice popup

2. It will ask the activation key. After entering it will say that the key is not valid.

I have read an earlier issus on this for Stuio 9

but I do not see how I can re-install SL with admin rights. Furthermore I am troubled if I can activate them again as I was not the guy who de-activated them.

Anyone facing a similar problem.

PS. I have made this a support case.

Thanks for any suggestion!

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Joe Dey

Hi John

Sorry to hear about your issue after installing Win8.1.  I did the same install yesterday and got the same problem.  While the UIAdminRequiredNotice popup is alarming there is a simple solution. 

1.  Go to the Storyline website.

2.  Download the trial version.

3.  Install the trial version.

4.  You will now be allowed to re-enter your serial number and activate Storyline.

5.  Continue working.

Good luck.