SL crashes when using markers

Hi all,

I think I've managed to break storyline by using markers.

I have several on one page and all of them have a visited state.

Some of the markers contain exactly the same info so what I've done is set up triggers to change all of the same markers to visited state once one of them has been viewed .

Now in preview mode (and publish) when I click one of the normal markers everything works as planned but if I click one that changes the state of another the whole module crashes.  

Any/all help would be very much appreciated

Thank you

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Harri,

Thanks for sending along your file - this is certainly a tricky one. What I tried (to no avail) was first importing it into a new Storyline file - still crashed. Second, I tried setting each marker to only change their state based on one other marker (instead of the multiple option you have set) that did not crash Storyline. So then I went and created additional object triggers for each marker, with only one other markers state to look at to decide to change...and crash again. 

So with that, I've gone ahead and submitted a Support case on your behalf (case # 00349444 ) and I'll follow along to keep the thread updated. 

Harri C


Just to update the thread....

I've had a response from the Tech Support guys......I did indeed break Storyline :(

It's been reported to the Quality Assurance team for review but for the time being there is no fix or workaround....

I guess I'll need to look at different ways of approaching this client request

Harri C

Another update from me - just in case anyone else encounters this issue.....

I found a workaround that appears to function.

1- set up true/false variable

2- change variable to true when user clicks on the 4 orange markers (4 separate triggers)

3- change state of markers to visited when variable changes