SL custom course completion results not posting to Skillsoft

Sep 05, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I recent created a custom course through Storyline and published it to our Skillport 7.3 test site to test usability, reporting and performance.

We found that the course (*HTML5 version) played well on iOS and Android devices. However, when taking the quiz and passing it, the results did not report back to the Skillport LMS. When we opened the same course in the test site from a PC, it picks up right where the tablet device left off and reports the results to the Skillport LMS.

Skillsoft technical support tested the course and got the same results. We published to SCORMcloud and the same thing happened. Skillsoft tech says it is an issue with the course.

Anyone have thoughts on whether it's a completion element, a setting, or otherwise? Any help/thoughts are greatly appreciated.


John S.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Dawn.

It doesn't look like we heard back from John after we requested a copy of his .story project file, so I'm unfortunately not sure how he resolved the problem.  If John doesn't reply to your inquiry, you could try clicking on his name above and sending him a Private Message.  Good luck with your transition!

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