Sl Drag & drop not shuffling answers?

I only have space for one drag and drop item at a time on my slide and I would like to randomize the order in which they appear as otherwise my students would use the order as a means to remember the answer. However, when I select to show the answers one at a time, I must specify and order and it appears I cannot shuffle the order. This would be a huge drawback.

Also, when I do a drag and drop that all the answers are visible and select shuffle, the order is the same each time that slide is viewed. 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Robin! That would make an excellent feature request (the ability to shuffle the order of drop items that appear one at a time). Regarding your issue with items not shuffling when they are all visible at once... would you be able to attach your slide here so that we could take a look? I wasn't able to replicate that problem in a practice file, and would love to take a look at yours. Thanks!

Robin Wooten

I have tried to attach the file but iam not sure if that worked. Here is the link to where I tested a temporary file to check how it looked on my ipad

It is the first slide. When the slide is revisited - the order is always the same. It only shuffles if you completely get out of the file then come back to it.

If shuffling the order of the drag and drops that appear one at a time is selected as a feature, how long before it could possibly appear? It is really needed - otherwise my students would learn the first one goes here, etc. I am surprised that wasn't thought of. For this slide I actually have many more drag and drop items to add that I couldn't fit on there which is why I need the show one at a time feature.

Thank you for checking this out.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Robin - thanks so much for attaching your file and linking to your published output - that really helps to see what you're working with! And I do see your point now about how the drag/drop items don't reshuffle on subsequent views during the same session... even if the button on the feedback layer sends the learner back to the slide itself (rather than just hiding the layer), and the slide properties are reset to initial state, it's still not reshuffling the choices.

Interestingly, I did a quick test in Quizmaker too, and noticed that Quizmaker's retry functions work the same way... that is, if you allow more than one attempt on a question whose answer choices are shuffled, the shuffling doesn't happen on subsequent attempts within the same session...  apparently the shuffle feature was really designed more for shuffling the choices based on each learner, rather than each learner's multiple viewings of the same question.

That said, this issue too sounds like another great feature request. I also connected with David Fair from Support who is going to submit a note to the dev team suggestion some additional functionality with the way the shuffling behaves. Thanks again for sharing your work - this really helps us to know what areas of the tools are opportunities for improvements.

You also asked about timeframes for enhancements... there's really not a way for us to predict if or when specific features will get added on future updates. To some extent it depends on how many feature requests we receive for a particular issue or feature, which is why we always urge people to make their voice heard via feature requests. Input from the community is really important to the way our engineers design and grow our tools. Thanks again Robin!

Robin Wooten

I am soooooooo sorry to hear that as the drag and drop functionality would be my main reason for buying this program. I just assumed when they said it would shuffle, that it meant it would shuffle when revisited. Without the shuffling of answers, I am afraid my students would just learn that the first one goes here, the second here, etc. Actually they have reported they do that when I forget to check shuffle answers in quizmaker. [Sooner or later some student always slips and lets me know any of their "easier" methods]. I am not sure how you tried quizmaker but, when I do retry quiz in the same session, I get a whole new order. It really, really helps - my students then learn to read all the questions very,very carefully even if it looks like something they have seen before which is a great lesson in itself.

Thanks for checking it out. I had hoped Storyline would work. Articulate presenter/quizmaker/engage was a little too overwhelming for my fellow teachers - SL looked easier. I think I am one of the few using it for elementary/middle/high school levels. With all the interest in flipping classrooms and technology tools, I had hoped this could be something I could recommend to my list serv. With this and a few other features like the lack of younger looking characters, perhaps that it is not the market SL is shooting for. Oh well, sooo heartbreakingly close... I do appreciate your efforts to check it out.

Jeanette Brooks

I hear your frustration, Robin, and I'm sorry the drag/drop features aren't quite meeting your needs right now. And again I can't overemphasize how much your feature requests mean... so, a big thank you for sharing your needs that way.

Regarding the retry behavior in Quizmaker... the examples I tested were multiple choice and matching drag-and-drop, both with unlimited attempts. Each time the learner gets the question wrong, they see a Retry button which returns them to the question (in which the answer choices aren't reshuffled). The choices are reshuffled, though, if the learner reaches the result slide & is given another attempt on the entire quiz.

So anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for posting & sharing your needs.

Deb Peak

Thanks to another "hero", I found this thread which addresses my same problem--shuffling answers on a multiple-choice or multiple-response question in Quizmaker. Since I don't know when our agency will finally buy Storyline, I'm assuming that there's no solution for Articulate Studio 9, either, which makes giving students more than one try a little ridiculous.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Deb - In Quizmaker, the answer choices won't be shuffled on subsequent retries of a question during the same quiz attempt. However, if you embed the quiz into an Articulate Presenter project, and you allow multiple attempts on the quiz itself, the answer choices will be shuffled if the learner retries the quiz. 

That said, our dev team always welcomes feature requests! So, if you'd like to suggest other ways of handling shuffling & retries, it would be great if you could share your thoughts via this form. Thanks!  

Robin Wooten


I know Jeanette already addressed your question but I thought I would share my experience as well. I use Studio 09 with my students, embed the quiz, and allow students to retake the quiz - and the answers do reshuffle when they retake the quiz. This is amazingly helpful. I give them short quizzes and they must pass with 100% or they need to review the quiz answers (I enable this feature) and retake it. When they pass, I know it is because they know the correct answer NOT the correct position of the answer. Students have reported that they remember this content years down the road by doing this.

I do encourage you to request immediate shuffling  both in SL and studio 09 because it would have even more applications. It is the reason why I cannot use SL.

Bradley Kutmas

Leslie, thank you for the response. The .story file I'm working on contains proprietary information and I don't have a non-disclosure aggreement document handy. However, I can explain in more detail what I'm trying to accomplish. I created a simple graded Matching Drag and Drop quiz in Storyline. I have the answers on shuffle (auto-default) and set the slide to "on revisit < reset to initial state". The answers shuffle correctly on the first visit, but if I get an incorrect response, the answers do not shuffle when revisiting the slide. The way I have it setup is to have the learner sent back into what I call "learning mode" if an answer is incorrect. I do not give them the option to try the question again right away to avoid guessing games. I may have found a work-around, but my temporary solution eliminates the possiblity for the learner to try the quiz again after passing it. The more I think about it, this isn't really a big deal, but it would be nice for the learner to be able to reinforce their knowledge later on after completing the whole course. One quesiton; if the LMS hosting the course marks the course as complete, will the quiz answers in the scorm package resume in a saved state?


Robin Wooten

I would like to also be informed of the result. This is an issue for anyone who needs to have verification that a learner can ultimately produce a correct response (without relying on learning the position of the answer as opposed to the answer itself). This is the one and only reason I did not purchase storyline. I am hoping that the next Quizmaker will allow a reshuffle. This is vital to encourage and verify essential learning (and very, very effective!). 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bradley, 

I tested this, and was able to recreate what you're describing (my example file is attached for you to confirm that this is what you're seeing). I've shared this with our QA team, but if you're able to share your file as well that will help them in figuring out the solution. You can send it to us privately here, and send along the NDA if needed. Please reference this thread as well. 

Robin, I'll keep this thread updated as the QA team looks into the test file I did, and if Bradley is able to share his file as well. 

Bradley Kutmas

Thank you Ashley for taking the time in putting this together. I'm still seeing the same issue as before. This isn't setup exactly the same as I have it, but the same issue persists in the file you attached. For instance, if you get the answer correct and advance to the results slide, click on "Retry Quiz". When you return to the quiz question, the slide resets with the correct answers sitting directly across from the left column. I wish I could send my files over, but it would take time for me to get the NDA in place and my trial expires in 3 days.

If the answers in the .story file you attached could in any way reshuffle when revisiting, then there's no doubt I could get it to work in my file.

Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger

No worries Bradley, it only took a few minutes to set up. I shared this file with our team so that they could understand what I expected to happen, and what did happen (showing the correct answers sitting directly across) so that they can continue to test it and determine how to reshuffle on additional attempts. I don't have a solution right now for a regular reshuffle - as that is connected to the original issue in this thread. I'll keep you posted on what our QA team finds out. 

Ana Marques

Hello, any updates on this issue? I've just come across this same problem - drag/drop items don't reshuffle on subsequent views / revisiting while on the same session. This is a really big drawback, as it will potentially allow the users to find their answers this way.

Would really appreciate some help with this.

Many thanks!