Sl Drag & drop not shuffling answers?

I only have space for one drag and drop item at a time on my slide and I would like to randomize the order in which they appear as otherwise my students would use the order as a means to remember the answer. However, when I select to show the answers one at a time, I must specify and order and it appears I cannot shuffle the order. This would be a huge drawback.

Also, when I do a drag and drop that all the answers are visible and select shuffle, the order is the same each time that slide is viewed. 

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Fabienne Brochier

Oh dear! I have an ordering drag and drop question. When I select the Shuffle option for the Answers, and I preview the slide, one of the answers moves out of the list to stick itself above the list of drop boxes and some text below the list of drop boxes shows up partly.

This never happened before I shuffled the answers!

Has anyone come across this problem yet? An ordering drag and drop question is rather useless if we can't list the answers randomly without problems occurring. Please can anyone help me with this issue?

Many thanks

Fabienne Brochier


Many thanks for your reply.

I checked the answers. When I turn off the shuffling option, and I try to
drop them anywhere on the screen they do not stick. They only stick to drop

It is when I turn the shuffle on that in preview each time one of them, any
of them, it changes each time, finds itself sitting on the screen above the
list of drop boxes.

And in the middle of the screen, from the back of the drop boxes, I can see
part of a word in larger font showing, as it a text box with some words in
it had been placed at the back.

I wonder if I should leave the shuffle turned off and move the answers
manually around to at least have them shuffled in one way. There are 9
answers so even if the users tried the question again I think they would
find it hard to memorise the original position of each answer even if it
doesn't change. As long as it is not the same position as for the correct

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sandra - This post looks like it was for Storyline 1. If you are having a similar issue in Storyline 360, I'd love to understand the details as well as take a look at the .story file so that we can assist.

If you cannot share it here in the forums, be sure to share it with our team privately here.

Denise Ruggio

Agreed! Please make this a feature. Soooo disappointed that I went through the trouble of creating a drag and drop where items appear one at a time. It gives me the option to shuffle in the freeform settings, but yet it doesn't shuffle. The drop target answers are very obvious without the shuffling.

: (

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Denise,

If you're having items appear one at a time, are you looking to shuffle the order they'd appear in? If you had them all appear at once, the shuffle would work as normal.  

When you use the "appear one at a time" you as the author can set the order, and that would allow you to set them in an order that may not be as obvious to your learners.

If this isn’t quite right, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help. If you can share any screenshots or examples of your .story file that'll help us point you in the right direction!