SL export back into Powerpoint?

I'm finally getting around to testing Storyline. I had a question regarding output. If I build a project in SL, is there a way to output just slides back into Powerpoint?  The project I am working on, not only do they want a e-learning modules but also their base Powerpoint updated. I would have to modify a few things that they would not use in a Face-2 Face session. So I was concerned about having 2 versions.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Frans, 

There's currently no way to export a Storyline file into a PowerPoint file. If that's something you'd like to see implemented into future updates, please feel free to submit a feature request to our product development team here

What kind of project are you working on, out of curiosity? How would importing Storyline into PowerPoint, rather than vice versa, be beneficial to your needs? 

Frans van der Sman

Hi Peter,

It is an internal training that has some degree of flexibility (content will de adapted on a yearly basis). Next to the delivery through the Storyline e-module, the content will also be delivered to audiences. That would typically require having the content available in powerpoint. After all Powerpoint is still the standard business reporting software.

Sharon Maguire

Hi all,

We need to be able to show an example of a Storyline eLearning module within a PowerPoint presentation.  Is there any progress on how this might be done?  

My organisation sends consultants out to 'sell' our eLearning to potential clients.  They first come to us with a training need, we create a proposal outlining a solution... and as part of that process we then travel to their site and give a presentation to management to demonstrate how our eLearning would meet their needs.  As Peter mentions, Powerpoint is the standard software for this sort of thing in the corporate sector.    We really need to be able to embed a short Storyline example into a PowerPoint presentation. 

Any help would be appreciated.



Peter Anderson

Hi Sharon, 

There's still no option to import a Storyline slide or course into a PowerPoint presentation... unless you're also using Presenter as a PowerPoint plugin. That would allow you to publish your PowerPoint via Presenter, and you could include any published Storyline in your course as a web object

If you don't currently use Presenter, you can download a free trial here.

It's not quite what you're looking for, but I hope that helps

Sharon Maguire

Thanks Peter,

We have Articulate Studio (so yes have Presenter) as well as Storyline... but really wanted to demonstrate in the way mentioned... as it's not a course we wish to show, but rather a project presentation (timeframes, communication channels, financial data, planning framework etc) to potential clients that incorporates a small demo of how a finished course could look.

We've currently settled for placing the PowerPoint presentation and published Storyline folder onto a consultants laptop and hyperlinking from within PowerPoint when they wish to show the Storyline demo during their presentation. 

Thank you anyway, I appreciate the response.



Anthony Moser

I had a question on this, is the presentation done in PPT for a leave behind?

I just did a Demo with the same issues, so I built the presentation in PPT and inserted it into storyline and removed all the controls for the briefing slides. Then I turned to controls on for just the slides that had the interactive demo. No one knew the difference the presentation looked and acted like a PPT and the demo looked and acted like storyline. When it came time to give the PPT to the customer, I gave them the PPT I built the presentation in before importing it.

If the Demo is not interactive then you could open a new storyline and screen record the demo and insert it into the PPT as a movie?

Just a couple of ideas..

Jane Sullivan

I have been following this thread and have a similar SL to power point export question.  I teach at multiple universities. IN one I use the content in an online venue, in the other, I do a face-to-face presentation (for which I have always used ppt).  I exported my ppt files into storyline and did some nice updates this year, but would like to be able to move them back into ppt for the face-to-face session. Any suggestions?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jane,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to export them back out - you could look at taking screenshots of the Storyline slides and using those as images in Powerpoint, and you'll just want to ensure you screenshot them at the same size as your Powerpoint slides will be so that there isn't any scaling or loss in quality as you won't be able to adjust the elements in Powerpoint. 

Jane Sullivan

?I encountered this problem before and contacted Articulate who told me this function is not possible. I ended up doing some screen shots in Storyline and putting them in power point.

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Pete Pretorius

I'll let Fan post their own reply, but speaking for myself, I've worked for organizations that separate design and development, and sometimes final development in Storyline looks much different than the original storyboard.  For legacy reasons, the company may want the storyboard to resemble the final product, in case revisions are requested down the line, and the company wants to capture those revision requests by sending out the current SB in PPT form.  In that case, it would often be much easier to create an identical SB from Storyline by exporting to PowerPoint, than it might be to modify the existing PPT SB.

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks for letting us know how this feature would be useful for your team. I'll pass along your feedback to Product Development. If this feature makes it into a future version of Storyline, I'll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, here's an inside look at how we manage all of the ideas we receive from customers like you!