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Jul 18, 2012

I have a main slide that has 3 buttons and when you select the buttons from the main slide it goes to a layer with the content and audio associated with that button. 

For each content layer I then have another layer that if a user selects the narration button it goes to another layer that shows the narration.

My issue is, I currently have the audio on the content layer and the narration layer so that a person will get the audio on either layer which makes it really choppy.  I tried just having the audio on the content layer, but when you select the narration layer the audio doesn't play.  I've uploaded the slide so that you can see what I mean.

Help!  Thanks

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Annie Jean

Hi Brandy and Gerry,

@Brandy, I have looked at your file and thought of a workaround but when I tried to apply it I ran into another problem so submitted a bug to Articulate.

@Gerry, when on the main screen, select one of the tab. Then, click on the "sheet" icon at the bottom to see the narration appear. This narration is on a new layer with its own audio since we cannot have the audio of the previous layer play continuously on multiple layers. The audio starts over which is a bit annoying.

My suggestion was to have the narration and the scrolling panel including it being "hidden" as the initial state. However, it looks like the scrolling panel doesn't have states, which I reported to Articulate. This would have made it quite easy to achieve.

Have a nice day!


Gerry Wasiluk

Yeah, you're right, the scrolling panel is a bugger since it has no states. 

I'd look instead to put a rectangle (and mirror the design of what it was covering--maybe use screen capture to capture that) over the scrolling panel and show and hide the rectangle to mimic "showing and hiding" the scrolling panel.

Brandy Meng

Thanks Gerry and Annie,

It sounds like I need all the content on the same layer so the audio doesn't start over on the narration layer. 

Instead of using the scrolling panel, if I create a shape with the text over it would I then add states to those and put them as hidden until the user clicks the narration button?

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