SL / LMS / google forms - is tracking possible?

Jun 13, 2018



I am looking in to the possibility of using Google forms as part of a module. Has anyone done this and tracked user answers via an LMS?


I have a quiz built in that I need to track also....




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Anna Groebe

Hi Suze,

This might be a bit late, so apologies if you've already found answers. I'm looking into incorporating Google forms into a SL 360 module as well, and here's what I've pulled up so far in my research:

From what I've been able to determine, you can insert the form as a web object. However, outside of displaying in the module and showing results in the Google form itself, I'm not sure about how it'll interact with the LMS in any kind of reporting capacity. In my past experience, you can get Google forms to communicate with your LMS and/or HR system, but it takes a lot of extra IT work on the back end and there are inconsistencies between reports (user responses will appear in the Google forms report, but not in the LMS report, etc.).

Depending on your LMS and subscription, you can run reports on individual quiz responses and answers, but that's assuming you're using Quizmaker or SL rather than Google forms for the quiz questions.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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