SL Memory hog...still

I know that there are a lot of posts stating that SL's memory hog issue was corrected with update 2.  I have a consultant using Storyline (just installed a week ago) to enter question into a product for me.  

She worked on Saturday, and after 10 hours of work, ALL was lost due to "your system doesn't have enough memory" message.  

If she just downloaded the software a week ago, should this not have the updated version?  

here is something she noticed: "When I first start the software, the task manager says I'm using about 270 MB.  With each question I enter, it goes up between 100 to 150 MB more.  I started saving when it got to 800 MB.  The last few times, it would go up to 1.1 or 1.2 GB during the save process.  That seems to be the threshhold where it gives me an error message."

This is becoming a huge waste of time and money if this can't be solved.  I would appreciate input..

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