SL1 Format Painter not Working Slide-to-Slide

Dec 19, 2014


Format painter does not seem to work from one slide to another. I selected some text from a textbox in slide one then selected Format Painter. Then I clicked on the slide to which I wanted to apply the format and the FP button de-selected and would not apply format.

Am I doing something wrong?




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Steve Flowers

In SL2 at least, the format painter appears to have 2 modes. In one mode, you can copy and paste the format for the whole block of text by selecting the object and using the format painter to assign this format to another object. The second mode is active if you use the format painter with a text selection. In the second mode, the format painter is active with the text selection tool and allows for assignment to a selection of text within a block. 

If your copying a whole block of formatting to another object, easier to use the first mode. Less clicks:)

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