SL1 function "Prompt to resume" in Moodle 3.1


(sorry for my english, I'm french)

I created a lesson in SL1.

I activated the fonction « Prompt to resume on presentation restart » because my students will can't terminate all the lesson in just one session and they are autorised to change their responses to follow their progress.

When I tested the lesson (locally) all working good.

Then, I publish it in scorm 1.2 to my Moodle 3.1.

But, when I tested it in moodle, just the results of first attempt is saved: each time I try to resume to terminate or to change answers, I can make changes but only the answers of the first attempt appears when I reopen the lesson.

I don't know if this behavior is possible in moodle or if I make mistake in SL or in Moodle (in Moodle, I tried differents settings in the Attemps Managements and in the compatibility settings).

Can you help me?


Thanks for all.


(I make my slides with the Basic template (I don't used the Graded or the Survey slides, because I don'ty need it for this activity, but I tried it too in Moodle, but in vain).

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Alain Dumais

OK, I find it! 

Maybe this ca help someone else:

The problem was: when we restart after resume nothing is tracked any more, so no new score for same try ... at least it is not updated. Because the preview mode in Moodle start right after one (or few) attempts.

To prevent this, we just edit the file lms/Configuration.js in the zipped scorm package, on the line that says:


change true to false.

This won't prevent review mode, but it will allow it to track progress and scores while in review mode.

I tried this, and it's working :-)

Thanks to Gavin Nelson (in the Moodle forum) who find and shared this solution.


Here is another discovery in the in the moodle zipped package:

We can change the goodbye.html file to personnalize the exit message "The content has ended. You may close this window." for one more personnalized (or in my language, in my case)