SL1: How to apply changes to triggers when you close a lightbox

What I try to accomplish is the following: I create a learning path with tasks (questions, exercises, movies). Each task is displayed in a pop-up (lightbox) and after performing that tasks, I want to display it's completed on the learning path slide underneath.

I created a "Mark as Complete" button on each final lightbox slide for that task. This will change the value of a variable for that tasks, for example "CompleteTopic02 = True" and close the lightbox. That works like a charm. 

On the page that opens the lightbox a learning path has been displayed and upon the start of the timeline, the State of the Topic 2 icon is changed to display a checkmark.

The problem however is that when the lightbox closes, this does not trigger to restart the timeline. Therefore the states of all my icons only change when moving back and forth (prev.back button) or by using the Replay button.

Are there other options to trigger the display of the correct state after the lightbox closes?

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