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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David,

Our QA team is aware of this issue with lightboxes and the tab key. A few other users mentioned workarounds in this thread. 

I'll also add this thread to the report filed with our QA team so that if there is any additional information or updates to share I'll be able to post them here. 

Hanna Golota

Hi David,

I am curious, how did you had your course tested? Did you send it to someone or you had bought a special reader/keyboard and tested it on your own? What is the process you would suggest? I need to develop two knowledge checks that are 508 complaint and completely don't know where to start :0! 

Steve Flowers

Hi David - 

While you can't tab to the close (X) in the upper right on a lightboxed slide, you can add other elements to close the lightbox. Always more than one way to skin a carrot. See the attached which uses a keyboard trigger to show the lightbox and an other to close along with a button on the lightbox.