SL1 SL2 Accessibility - Screen Readers

Hi Guys,

Could someone please confirm whether a screenreader will pick up text in the following circumstances for either SL 1 or SL2 as I've had queries come in from equality and diversity managers.

1- Text in a standards text box

2- Text written in a shape

3- Text in a textbox in an object state

4- Text written into a shape within a state


Thank you


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Harri, 

Text that is on the slide itself in a textbox, caption, written into a shape should be read by a screenreader - and you can also include text within the "alt text" feature of any object on your slide. In regards to images, you'd want to add the text into the alt text as it won't read from the image itself. The last two items you mentioned sound the same to me, in that the text is occurring within the state of an object? 

Have you tested this out with a screen reader? I know Jaws for example is best suited for Internet Explorer and they recommend using the newest version of each.