SL1: Videos not playing after publishing

Aug 04, 2016

I've set up a few youtube videos and embedded them to play along a timeline in one slide. I want them to play automatically and have about 4 slides just run like a video. I've set up all those auto settings, but when I publish to web server, no videos show...getting blank spaces where they should load.   Please help and send me trouble shooting things I can try.   My project is saved in my network folder, not on my laptop.  Do I need triggers for each video? Should each video be on its own of now, I have about 5 of them on one slide divided by text objects. Thank you all!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lana,

One of the known causes of odd behavior in Storyline is creating and publishing files to a network or shared drive. You'll see this described in this article. You could look at changing the file to be a local project file and publish locally, but the elements of corruption may already be within the file so you may want to look at importing it into a new file or build it again while working locally. You will also want to test the published output within the intended environment as viewing it locally could cause you to encounter security restrictions from the web browser.  Lastly ensure you're following these steps for including YouTube videos. 

Christie Pollick

Glad to see that Ashley was able to assist you here, Lana!

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