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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ed! 

Hopefully some community members will be able to chime in and provide you with some insight. I did want to pop in and share our documentation.

Storyline 2 can be installed on a Mac with Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Apple Boot Camp.
For tips on using Storyline in Parallels Desktop, see this article.
Edward Hoke

Hi Leslie!

Thank you very much. ☺

Yeah, probably out there are some Mac users in the community that are running this way.

I am on a Windows at work, but have a speedy Mac Book Pro at home – and – I like designing on one too!




Edward Hoke, M.A.
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Cary Glenn

I run Storyline on my Mac at home and on a Windows machine at work. Since Storyline only runs on Windows (a Mac native version would be great, hint hint Articulate Staff) you need to install windows on your Mac. I've built courses on at work saved them to dropbox and then opened it up on my home machine for additional work (and vice versa) with no problems.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Edward -- I see that you are getting lots of great assistance here! Personally, I use VMware Fusion on my Mac and I have not encountered any issues thus far.

Also, in case you wanted to take a look at some threads on a similar topic, I thought I would stop in to share the following:

Experiences with Storyline on Mac via Parallels

Articulate Storyline 2 with Mac

Running Storyline 2 on a Mac

You may also find this article, How to Use Articulate Storyline on a Mac (with Videos!), helpful as well! :)

Sarah MacDonald

I've been using Storyline on my Mac via VMware, and its doing an alright job. Its definitely a lot faster on a PC, but its getting the job done without having to leave my machine. It gets bogged down from time to time, but it migh tbe more a case of what i'm running on my mac side (often AI, AE, PS, DW, Skype, mail, calendar etc) thats causing there to be a ram battle. 

Matthew Ash

I'm running Parallels on an imac with 16GB memory devoted to it (machine is 3.2ghz processor & 24GB memory).

I run into problems with very complex builds. Storyline somtimes pops up with a save error, sayings there is no space to save the file no matter where I try to save it. Also, sometimes publish doesn't work. Closing the module & re-starting windows fixes the issue. It's intermittent. I'm used to saving regularly these days so doesn't cause too many problems. But there does seem to be a very inefficient use of  memory by Parallels.

Keep your courses short & simple, and you'll have no worries.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

What constitutes a "complex build"? A few members of our support team run on Macs as well using Parallels or VMWAre - so we'd be happy to give it a test of how it behaves. You'll also want to ensure that you're following along with the guidelines Christie previously shared in terms of working locally on the Mac side and disabling the shared profile. 

Phil Mayor

I would give some memory back to the iMac, being a 32bit Application there is no advantage to windows having more than 4Gb.   I run on an iMac with 32Gb or fan but only ever give 4Gb to any VM.

Every course I have ever built has been on a Mac, a reinstallation of windows or Storyline may help.

Matthew Ash

I run into problems when courses have lots of images, animations, film, vo, layers, triggers & variables. Unfortunately the course that I'm currently having problems with is NDA'd, so cannot share. The screenshot was literally taken just now. The only instals I have on Windows are SL2, Chrome & AVG.

I have disabled the shared drive in the past, but adds lots of dev time due to receiving a lot of files via a shared server. I might try sharing via Google Docs & see how that works out, though.

Phil Mayor

I enable sharing, SL2 is reliant on the C: drive so you could look at expanding the space.  You could also run disk cleanup.  I switched to Windows 10 as my install of windows 7 was bloated at 70Gb and my windows 10 install is 22Gb

I don't run any antivirus software on windows side apart from Windows defender.  I did have issues with a windows 7 install that would only publish and preview every now and again and i would need to restart regularly.  Which version of Parallels are you using?