SL2 animation seems broken

I’m converting an SL1 course to SL2 and, generally, it’s going quite well and I’m pleased. However, I discovered an animation that is worse in the new version.

I’m using a Spin exit animation on text to blend with the entrance of different text. In SL1, the Spin animation faded out at the end. In SL2, it just cuts out abruptly, ruining the previously cool transition. Is there a way to add the fade back in? Should I submit a ticket to fix this?

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Emily Ruby

Hello John!

The animations in Storyline 2 are a little different that in Storyline 1. You can now add a duration to the animations. Entrance and exit animations default to a duration of 0.75 seconds.  If you would like us to take a look, you can attach the file here. Also, please confirm that you are working locally as described here with your file.