SL2 audio not heard on an iPad

Feb 20, 2016

Hi all,

Just ran into a situation in which some of my SL's audio in the Player is not "showing up" on the iPad.  The video works flawlessly, just no audio.  And yet, playing the same SLs in browsers on Macs and PCs, the audio is there and works fine.

And, some of the SLs are working fine in the iPad, others not...

Anyone else ever run into that situation?

Thanks in advance...


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael!

You may find that audio in your Articulate Storyline 2 courses doesn't always play as expected in HTML5 output when viewed on Apple iOS 9 iPads and iPhones. We added support for iOS 9 in Update 7 for Storyline 2. See this article for details on how to update your Storyline software and your published courses.
In addition, please be sure that the iPad side switch is not set to Mute.
Michael Fimian

Hi Leslie...  That automatic updater was great;  thanks for the link to it!  I was able to update over 600 projects on my machine and 2 on the server...

I haven't been able to test out what I updated on the server because, for some reason, it appears that my iPad has forgotten that the Mobile Player is installed on the pad.  Before this, I'd click on a link to a project;  it would shell out to Safari and a page would appear with the play button on it.  Clicking on that button opened the player and (I assume) pass the link on to the Player.  The player would then play the project.

Now, the Safari page shows up as normal, but the original Play page changes quickly over to another page that says Download the Player.  When I click on the icon button, it does open up the player but doesn't play anything. Apparently the source info isn't being passed on the the player as it was before.

I deleted the Player App, and downloaded it once again from iTunes, but it's still acting in the same fashion...

I'm currently finishing edits on an iBook that has links to hundreds of Storylines, but now I can't even one to play on the iPad...

Any suggestions as to what I can do next?


Leslie McKerchie

We will just hit you will all the issues at once Michael :) 

I'm assuming that you are on iOS9 and the updater should have taken care of issue with this as well.

We may need to take a look at one of your .story files and the published version to see if we get the same result. 

You can share with me privately here if you wish.

Michael Fimian

Sigh... I just don't understand it...

When I use your links, i can download the SL material fine and hear it in my iPads' mobile player.  When I download the exact same presentation from my server, I get audio everywhere except in the mobile player.  I though perhaps it was the player, but I checked and I'm using the same version as you mentioned in your email on Monday.

If it was exclusively and issue with the player, I'd expect to get no audio on most or all of my links.  But that's not the case;  only about 10% of the SLs are having issues, even after I open the original SL, update it and republsh and repost it.  Still, that amount to almost a hundred links,

Well, I do have an out:  if I cant figure out what's going on, I'll go back to the SLs, record them in Camtasia, send them to YouTube, and link to YouTube instead of my server.  Not the best solution, but facing a ten-day deadline on the text, it may be the only workable soulution...

Thanks for all you help, Leslie!



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael!

It is strange indeed. I was going to share a solution about the MIME types on your server, but I'm not sure that it's the case either since you shared a file with me from your server and the audio worked fine for me.

If you are consistently having difficulty with the same projects, have you tried to import into a new project to see if this may alleviate the issue?

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