SL2 - Audio not playing on certain slides in HTML5/Chrome

Hi -

I'm experiencing a problem with a project - I've got a few slides that have audio triggered at cue points in the timeline.  These audio files play correctly in IE via HTML, but not at all in Chrome or IE/HTML5.  (Didn't test in Firefox.) Here's a link to the project: 

I'm on Windows 7, IE 11, Chrome 69.0.3497.100 64-bit, SL2 Update 13.

If I use anything but IE 11 HTML:  On slide 1.2, the first audio plays correctly, but the other 2 don't play.   On slide 1.3 neither of the audio files plays.  

What's really interesting also is I was just upgraded to this version of Chrome, and now I can view them in Chrome from my local drive, which I couldn't do a couple weeks ago - so they must have changed something again....aaargghh.

Thanks for any help you can provide - I know as a workaround I could just rely on the captions.... but I wanted to report this issue anyway.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

Thanks for sharing your file. I was taking a look and noticed slide 1.1 the audio wouldn't play for me in HTML5/Chrome but it sounds like that was working for you? Do you have a link to where you're hosting the course as well?

I confirmed that a new Storyline course with audio played fine in SL2/Chrome/HTML5 but for some reason, your file is causing me trouble. It would help to compare the published output and know a bit more about where you're hosting and testing the content. 

Anne Goldenberger

Hi Ashley,

Thanks much for looking at this.  As you know, I do have a workaround, but wanted to report this anyway in case it's an Articulate issue that you might want to be aware of.

I've tested the file both locally and on an internal SharePoint server.  I'm haven't tested in our LMS yet. 

No the audio doesn't work in Chrome/HTML 5.  The ONLY scenario where the audio played is in IE using the HTML output. 

Thanks so much - 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

Thanks for sharing it - I can't track down what in your file is causing such an issue, especially since a new file behaves normally. 

I thought you mentioned slide 1.2 the first audio played, but it sounds like that's the only audio clip that is playing if slide 1.1 also didn't have audio? 

I'm going to start a case so that our Support engineers can take a look too! I know you mentioned a workaround, but with Flash support ending in the near future and limited HTMl5 browser support in SL2 I'd want to make sure you have a way forward. Keep an eye out for an email from