SL2 Bookmarking issues

Hello all, 

I am having some issues with bookmarking a course.  I will try to lay it out best I can.  The SL file is also attached.  

We have a course that was built in SL1, converted to SL2 published to LMS in SCORM 1.2, this issue happens on all browsers and does the same thing in SCORM cloud.

This course has a series of vimeo videos embedded.  I know we cannot track the vimeo video itself but we need to track the state of the button that launches the video.  Right now the learner is supposed to watch a video, then take a knowledge check.  They must pass the knowledge check with 100% for the section to mark complete.  That part is working correctly. The button will go to completed status when they get 100%. The problem comes after the learner has left the course. When a learner return to a course to continue on the sections that they had completed no longer show completed and must be taken again.  If anyone has any ideas on this that would be great.


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Emily Ruby

Hi Jeremy!

I tested your file on the SCORM Cloud, and I did see that the course is resuming as it is supposed to. However, the state changes on the main menu were not updating due to the variable that was being used to make those changes, the results slide score variables. Since the course is tracking by number of slides viewed, the score from the results slides are not being passed to the LMS. 

What I did was add a new variable to show the state change. I added this to the "next slide" button on the success layer of the results slides. This is a true/false variable that will change to true upon clicking this button. On the main slide, the state changes to complete based on this True variable. It is working as intended now in the SCORM Cloud.

You can test the link here, and the file is attached. (I only updated Behavioral Intervention Plan, and Antecedent Interventions scenes)