SL2 BUG: "Pause timeline of base layer" property does not work consistantly

Oct 29, 2014

Please help!

I converted my file from SL1 to SL2, now when a trigger (based on a T/F variable) shows a layer with "Pause timeline of base layer" the base layer does not pause.

It worked in SL1.

Here is the trigger to show the layer:


Here is the setting to pause the base layer:

If I click the replay icon on progress bar it will pause the base layer correctly.

Also I can remove the condition for the T/F variable that calls the layer (with the pause property) that will work.

Also if I preview just the layer not the whole project I can get the base layer to pause.

the bottom line is that the "Pause base layer" dose not work under the conditions I need or as expected.

Anyone else have this problem? Any work around? This project is do today!!





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Emily Ruby

Hello Tim!

Are you testing this in HTML5 output or Flash based output? We do have a report of this not working in HTML5 content currently with our QA team, and the workaround for now is to set the slide layer trigger to show when timeline reaches: and select .1 seconds or longer if needed.

If this still does not work for you, could you share the .story file here for us?

Johny Thomas

Hi Emily, 

We are trying to make an html5 compatible course( using Storyline 2) , which needs the user to click at certain parts of the content to proceed, however our content doesn't pause at all in the output .

We were trying to make it pause at the end of an animation ( we use a fade in entrance animation). the slide pauses in our preview .. but the html5 content just continues to play. 

this thread had some activity about a year ago .. just was curious if any solution was found for it.

Raphy Abano

Hi Leslie and Ashley!

So I'm wondering if there has been any traction from your QA team regarding this issue (particularly the one that Henri mentioned). I've tried several approaches as well such as using a T/F variable and a trigger that pauses the base layer timeline when that variable changes.

It's not entirely gamebreaking for the project I'm working on, but it would definitely help in producing a similar behaviour with the Flash version!

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