SL2 BUG: "Pause timeline of base layer" property does not work consistantly

Please help!

I converted my file from SL1 to SL2, now when a trigger (based on a T/F variable) shows a layer with "Pause timeline of base layer" the base layer does not pause.

It worked in SL1.

Here is the trigger to show the layer:


Here is the setting to pause the base layer:

If I click the replay icon on progress bar it will pause the base layer correctly.

Also I can remove the condition for the T/F variable that calls the layer (with the pause property) that will work.

Also if I preview just the layer not the whole project I can get the base layer to pause.

the bottom line is that the "Pause base layer" dose not work under the conditions I need or as expected.

Anyone else have this problem? Any work around? This project is do today!!





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Brad Pepin

I am using Storyline 360 and run across the same issue. I am using a SUBMIT button to release a paused timeline, and depending upon the "Pause timeline of base layer" feature to halt the timeline on the baselayer slide while the Feedback slide is presented. Watching the seekbar, you can see the timeline continues, which presents a 2nd Submit button that I wish to be hidden until the end of the baselayer timeline.

Any fix yet for this issue, or remedy you'd suggest?

(I should note that I am using a Submit button on the slide because I'm exporting this as an interaction in RISE, and prefer to turn off Buttons and Controls in the Player for a more clean "look" that is more consistent with RISE)

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Brad.  Thanks for sharing the link.  I can see that the custom Submit button appears and the timeline pauses about halfway through, allowing me to complete the drag-and-drop interaction.  When I get feedback, I can see the timeline resumes.  Should it have resumed?  Should it pause again when retrying the interaction?

So that I can better understand the setup, can you share your .story file, or a pared down version with this one slide?  I'd like to test what's triggering the timeline and have a look at the different properties.  You can add it as an attachment in the discussion!

Brad Pepin

Hi, Crystal - the timeline should NOT resume while the "Try Again" layer is displayed ("Pause timeline of base layer" is selected as a property of the Try Again layer).  My intent is that the custom Submit 2 button is revealed later in the timeline, after the User has a chance to read the conditional instructions that are revealed when they clear the Try Again layer.

I've attached the single slide in question. 

On a separate note: I no longer seem to get email notifications when there is activity on a post to which I am Subscribed (I DO get them when I file a Feature Request). Did something change? I only saw your response because I want back to this page, refreshed, and scrolled to the bottom.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brad,

Thanks for sharing your .story file so that we could take a look.

You had a trigger to resume the timeline when the Submit button was clicked:

Based on the action that's happening on the slide, I adjusted it to this:

I made a quick Peek video of previewing your course after this adjustment and your updated file is attached.

Brad Pepin

Thank you for helping with this, Leslie.  I can appreciate the "work around" but I am still not understanding why the timeline does not pause as it is "commanded" by the configuration of the Try Again layer.

As I programmed it, my understanding of the interaction should be:

  1. "Click Submit 1" restarts the timeline.
  2. "Try Again" layer displays.
  3. Base layer timeline stops while "Try Again" layer is displayed. 

Am I not correctly understanding how this should work? Thanks for setting me straight if not!