SL2 - change in way "Resume" works? (Kenexa, build level 12.9.0070/v3.4, IBM product.)

Feb 05, 2015

I have been creating some courses in SL2 for a client, they have previously used SL1. I have the "Resume" question being asked from Player Settings. Apart from the fact it now has new wording, there seems to be a large difference between SL2 and SL1 in Resume behaviour which I am trying to understand.

Let's assume a user takes a course, and gets 100% on the end-of-course quiz.

In testing, they mimicked a user who had completed the course and got 100%, but who wanted to just go over some content again.

They went back to the course, chose "Do not Resume", and looked again at the first screen, then a few others, and exited. The LMS appears to keep their 100% Quiz score in SL1.

On SL2, if they choose "Do not resume", and look at the first screen, then viewed a couple of slides and exited, the LMS score went to 0% and failed them.

The new SL2 "Resume" default text reads as follows:

Would you like to resume where you left off (if you choose No all your work will be lost and it is not recoverable)?

So - my does someone go back into a SL2 course, have another look around the course, (to perhaps remind themselves of something), and not lose their LMS score? Do they need to something different, like choose "Resume", be sent to the last slide, and then use the Menu, (assuming there is one...) to achieve this?
Would appreciate some rapid help on this one please!

We have had a look at this article (, and it may be the LMS side, but trying to see if there are any other subtleties that we have missed.

So basically, how does a student review a course and keep their old LMS quiz score settings?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Bruce

I just did a test in Scormcloud -

Round 1 - viewed all slides and did quiz - 100% and complete status

Round 2 - Do not resume - just did content slides and exited - maintained 100% and complete status

Round 3 - Do not resume - viewed all slides and did quiz again (and failed got 60%) but it showed 100% and complete status

I did not select 'reset progress' option in Scormcloud

Not sure if this helps or confuses the issue more...good luck

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