[SL2] - "Compressing" all images to bigger filesize on publish

Is there a way to disable all compression in Storyline 2? I do this manually in photoshop, and I manage all my assets. Images, audio and video. I just published a course now, and it took almost 15 minutes, because it had to compress and encode everything. Most of the exported assets are now also double the size it was, even though the quality is degraded a bit too.

I'd like to be able to disable all compression.

I've turned quality up to max on all under publish, but I want to disable any compression. I do this manually in my workflow, and I do not need SL2 to degrade my assets.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Stian Larsen

Hi, and thanks for your answer. Why are there no way to disable the compression? I carefully compress all my assets myself, and do not want articulate to touch them at all. Same goes for audio. Upon publishing, it's stuck for 15 minutes just encoding small 2sec audio placeholders(I have 42 slides, containing 6 audio tracks each. One for each language). How long time will it take when I have inserted the intended 1-2min clips?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stian,

All of the Articulate products are created with the design of compressing your files to create the smallest possible file with the best playback speed and quality. As such there isn't an option to disable those compression elements. 

The publishing process shouldn't be taking that long based on the two small audio clips and I'm curious if you're able to share a copy of the .story file with us here so that we could take a look at it as well. You can upload it here using the "add attachment" button or you can send it along to our Support Engineers by submitting a case here. 

Stian Larsen

Thanks for your reply. I will do some more debugging myself, before I submit. I'll have to remove the content before submitting due to sensitive information. The dummy audio is not sensitive though :)

EDIT: I appreciate the effort to let AS2 do all the work for the user. But for us who want a little bit more control there should be an "advanced" tab, where we can enable/disable some of these functions.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Stian - and if you choose to submit it privately using the Support link above please let me know the case number so I can follow along. Our team can also sign an NDA if needed in terms of the sensitive information and content. 

As far as the advanced tab, the decisions to include that or not are something I'll leave in the hands of our Product and Development team, and you may also want to document that idea in the form of an official feature request here.