SL2 - Grow and move an object

Versions of this question have been asked before, but I haven't been able to find a solution that works. I want an object to grow from its original size and move it on a path at the same time. I can do the Motion Path, but I can't figure out the grow. The Grow animation seems to start smaller and grow to the existing size rather than starting at the existing size and growing larger. All I see for Effect Options is the growth direction. In PowerPoint you can specify smaller or larger and a growth percentage. 

Then, how do you get the motion and grow to occur simultaneously?

Someone asked a similar question here, but the solution link wasn't functional.



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Ellen Slavitz

Thank you, Walt. Yours works nicely.

So, if I have this right, you started with the object in the larger (target) size but in the original position.  Then you add the Grow animation and the Motion Path to the target position. The object first appears in a smaller size and then grows to the specified size.

So, am I correct that using this method you can't specify the original size? In my example (attached), I'm trying to grow and move a word that originates as part of a list, the idea being that the word kind of grows from the list and more information appears. 

But truthfully important is the animation we imagine in the instructional objective? A discussion for another time.

Walt Hamilton

yes, that's what I did. I just timed the fade of the top one to cover the growth until they are about the same size.

In PowerPoint, you can set an animation for entrance, emphasis, and for exit. The emphasis allows you to grow or shrink from the current size. SL has only entrance and exit animations, so they grow from or shrink to nothing, which is why you can't set an original size.

The only exception to that that I know of is the zooming of pictures. You can place a picture, resize it smaller, click the format tab, and zoom the picture. It zooms to the original size. I'm not sure how that works with motion paths. You can also create the effect you want in PowerPoint, and export it as a video.