SL2 - How to display Slide Master objects over slide objects

Hello all,

I am trying to build a Menu that lives on a Slide Master Layout layer and can be pulled up or hidden by clicking an object on the Master.


I thought that objects on the Master showed up over (in front of) slide objects by default. That does not seem to be the case. How can I make them show up on top (in front)?


The object is not on the Master Slide, but rather in a Custom Layout I created within/under that Master. I am using Storyline 2.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pete,

Sure is - and you can always reach out to our Support Engineers here too, as Jacob did. In his situation he was using a screen recording which becomes the background of a slide and therefore would cover up Slide master elements. Is your scenario similar to that? 

Otherwise I think the button on your slide master should work - and you could also look at adding a custom player tab that would lightbox a slide with those resources. Depending on your set up that may work a bit easier. Here are steps for how to do that in Storyline 2. 

Tim Ivanic

Hi All,

I am having similar problems, but I am not sure if the solution discussed here is applicable for my case as well. I want to create a layout as part of a master that has navigation buttons in the bottom part of the slide. I want these buttons to be the same on all slides that are based on said layout. If I change the Slide Master accordingly, and I apply the Layout with the buttons to a slide in a project, the buttons appear but seem to be merely the graphics without the actual button object on the slide. Same goes for a different Master Layout that I created that has a menu button plus a layer that is triggered by the menu button and that includes the same set of navigation buttons as in the case mentioned before. How do I make the actual objects and slide layers appear for clicking in a slide based on a layout?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Tim! Custom navigation buttons added to the slide master should be functional on the slides themselves. What trigger is associated with the next button? It should be, "Jump to slide Next slide when the user clicks [next button]." 

I'd be happy to take a closer look at your file if you don't mind sharing it here!

Tim Ivanic

Hi Alyssa,

I think the problem was that I assumed that triggers could be adjusted on the slides themselves while the buttons are on the slide master (which does not work as you've clarified in a different post). Thanks for the assistance! Although I would like to submit this as a feature request :) Would make things a lot easier as we are adding a new navigation button set to a veeeeery large number of ELMs.