SL2 Is is possible to reset Feedback Layout


If one switch Feedback layout, position and size of the textbox automatically adjusted within it.

Once position or size of the textbox within Feedback layer is changed, I have to adjust it manually every time I change Feedback layout, which is time consuming. See video in attachment for full steps to reproduce.

Is it possible to reset all elements on the Feedback layer according to its layout?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ivan - Thanks for sharing your video as that certainly makes it a bit easier to understand your description. 

The experience you are having being that you are customizing at the slide level outside of your feedback master. The slide is honoring this change.

Your feedback layer will adjust to the different layouts respectfully as long as you've not manually changed it - just to word that a bit different.

I recorded a quick Peek video to demonstrate the difference and hopefully better explain what I believe you are seeing and asking.

ivan be

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for your answer.

Actually, I want to know how to reset feedback layer to its layout template. As I understand from your reply, there is no standard way.

Upon further investigation I found out the following:

  • Button size and position reset as soon as feedback layout reapplied. However, button format stays customized.
  • TextBox can be reset if you remove it. Just do not forget to copy its content before removal.

But these are just workarounds.

I believe that the 'Reset Slide' button in the context menu must work the same way as the 'Layout' button (i.e. can be applied to the active layer only), or reset all of the layers at once. As of now, the 'Reset Slide' button resets Base layer only whatever layer is actually active. If it is supposed to reset Base Layer only, then it must be named like 'Reset Base Layer' or 'Reset' and must not appear in the context menu on the additional slide layers. Do you agree with me?