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Michael Hinze

I downloaded your published content, unzipped it and can run it locally. It looks like you are trying to add a Storyline project that was published for CD to an LMS. If that's true then an error message should be no surprise, because the LMS expects SCORM-related files, e.g. a manifest file. I would republish for LMS and try again.

Tina Brown

Hi Ashley,

I'm definitely following publishing protocol. The error appears after I've published the module and I go to view it and/or after I've uploaded into the LMS.  I also tried publishing it to a CD, where Articulate creates the .zip file, and same error.

I'm working on transferring my .story file to Box. It's so big that I can't email it to Michael. I will grant him access as soon as the file is finished.



Tina Brown

Thanks for looking at my file.  Hmm...I wonder what I'm doing wrong.  I'm publishing for LMS use and publishing to a local drive.  My output options are set to SCORM 2004.  Under Reporting options, I have it set to SCORM 2004, 2nd Edition. These are the settings I've always used.  I'm stumped.