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Brian Dennis

Start the timeline with a trigger that sets the state of the Next button to disabled, then a second trigger that watches a numerical variable to set the button's state back to Normal when the variable reaches at least 3. Third trigger adjusts this variable by adding one when something like a hot spot is clicked

Qinyi Yao

Hi Brian,

I have set the variables. See attached screenshots. Slide 3 includes audio.

If I don't wait until the audio completes and starts clicking the buttons, and go back to base layer, the NEXT button will be enabled.

The BUG is when I wait for the audio to complete, and click the three buttons, after I go back to base layer, the NEXT button won't be enabled.

Any thoughts to fix the bug?



Walt Hamilton

The conditions on this trigger are evaluated ONLY at the moment the media completes:


Since the three buttons are disabled until the media completes, there is no way the other variables can be complete.

On each layer, you need to add this trigger:

  This is the trigger for layer 3. When you put it on the other layers, you will need to change the variables.

When the user completes each layer, the next button is restored if the other two layers are visited.

Using this setup, the user must wait for the media to complete, then visit each of the three layers (in any order) before advancing.