SL2 Parsing Error after uploading to LMS

I am getting this error message when I upload my published course into our LMS.  I was using our IE8 browser, but changed to Chrome and same error in both.

I then created a new course with just one slide, one text box same error.

Any thoughts how to fix this?

Error parsing Table of Contents XML document must have a top level element.

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Tracy Parish

I did try SCORM Cloud and have no issues with the course except: "The Sequencing Control Mode 'Flow' was detected on a leaf node, but is only applicable to cluster nodes."  But in another spot in this forum, that seems to be mostly a non-issue.

The problem also, is that I created a course with only one single slide with a text box on it.  That single slide course also produces this error message (see image above) in my LMS.

Tracy Parish

Yes, this is a strange one.  I'm reaching out to my network of peers near by as well.  We have a very unusual and "specialized" lms (in that they seem to have only permeated the health care system in Ontario (and some of Canada).  I'll see if anyone comes up with anything errors do typically stem from the LMS.

If I find a solution I will post it back here for all.  Thanks Ashley for trying.  Much appreciated.

Tracy Parish

It's the LMS although I have no solution at the moment.  

A colleague tried the single slide course on his version of the LMS and he encounted a totally different error.  I then tried it on an updated "test version" of my LMS and it did seem to load.  Both the single slide course and the full course.

[it's alwasy the LMS]  :)