SL2 Publishing locks up...unless the file has just been opened

Anyone else experience this before? 

If I do work in a SL2 file and then try to publish, the publishing just hangs up. If I close the file and publish RIGHT AWAY, it works just fine.

I thought it was just my work computer, or just a particular file, but it appears to be happening to others in the office as well.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kristin,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties with publishing your files. Can you confirm that you're publishing to a local drive as described here? Also, are these files newly created in SL2 or upgraded files from SL1? You mentioned it's happening to other users in the office - are you all working on the same files, or any files? If it's the same files you'll want to ensure you're working locally and following along with the directions here in terms of collaborating. 

Greg Wusaty

It appears the this problem still persists. I have been working with SL2 all week, and every course I go to publish for LMS, it just freezes up on me. I am not publishing to a shared drive, but directly onto my computer's hard drive.

So every time I have to save my work, close the program down and restart.