SL2 Quiz import / export

I just noticed SL has a quiz import from text or EXCEL.  

I've had problems with quiz question layouts getting skewed.  The fix using "Reset Slide" often makes the layout worse.  The fix:  Delete the quiz question and re-create the question.  The new question will follow the master and the layout looks fine.

It would be nice if SL had an export quiz to a text/EXCEL format.  With this capability, deleting and re-creating all the questions would be easier.

Or... SL could fix the "Reset Slide" so that the quiz would follow the master question layout correctly.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

I am not certain how you'd like the export to behave say versus the export for translation? Maybe you could share some more specifics on that functionality that you'd like to see in the form of a feature request. 

Using the reset slide functionality returns it to the original layout of the existing Storyline course that you're in as described here. So if you've already set up a layout and are then resetting to a different one that could account for the difficulties you've seen.