SL2 Quiz Questions not following slide master

In my work, every revision of SL has exhibited choice alignment problems departing from the slide master. "Reset slide"  from the right-click context menu often made it much worse.

My solution in the past was to delete the question and type the question, choices, and feedback in again. Then treat the new question carefully.

I found a workaround that helps. In this example, I had to change the font-size of the choices in the slide master. The quiz didn't follow, so let's try "Reset Slide".

All the choices slide to the right about an inch.  Not correct.

Click CTRL-Z (undo), the choices are back where they should be, but the font size didn't follow.

So... try "Reset Slide" once more.  Voila, the second time the fonts are reset, and the choices don't slide right.

Is there a reason why "Reset Slide" shouldn't layout the quiz question as if it was just entered as new?


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Sam Carter

I found a particular operation in the Quiz FORM editor that will skew the choices to the right in the quiz "Slide View".

There are two ways to rearrange choices in Form View:

1 - Right-click and use the context menu to move the choice up or down one step

2 - Click and drag the choice to the location desired and drop it

I found the second option always mis-aligns the choices to the right in design view.