SL2 Right-Click Trigger Fails

Jan 15, 2015

Hello. While this issue has been reported over two years ago, I have not been able to find a fix or workaround for this problem. The right-click trigger is broken in some cases. For example, if you use a right-click trigger to show a layer on a slide, it fails for me consistently. I have uploaded a test file to Tempshare here:

Slide two is setup to show a layer on right clicking the circle. Please help test this and post your results. I believe this to be a bug and want it finally addressed. PS. Right-click functionality also fails to work in some browsers when run locally. It was reported that running on an LMS or webserver will enable right-click functionality to work, however, it still fails for me. Given that this issue is over two years old now, I would really like this addressed and a permanent solution achieved.

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Sushi Govindsamy


We just purchased Storyline & I'm also experiencing problems with the right click trigger action.  This is a crucial functionality within our simulation recordings.  When I record & view in view mode everything is working as expected. When I insert recording in Try mode that is when the right click action does not work. 


Paul Williams

Has there been any progress on this one.. Right click functionality is making me lose my hair (see picture)...  We can't make it work properly for love nor money, and have resorted to having to tell users that it doesn't work, and use a next button to bypass it. We are desperate to get a resolution to this issue. I'm about to log it with the support desk to see if I can get something done.

Adam Kupka

While I haven't seen any change, I have been able to narrow down the 'how-and-when' regarding this bug.

Again, for the moment, right-click functionality will work only on the base layer. Additionally, even if you are organized enough to just have a ton of stacking content triggers on a single layer, SL2 only seems to   'allow' up to two right-clicks per slide before it starts to freak out on you.

Since I do not display the slide menus, and use triggers rather than the Next button, I simply use multiple pages rather than layers where right-click activities are involved. With clever design, your user will know no different.

Finally, the preview player in SL2 can be a bit hunky sometimes so you may want to do a test publish to try out interactive elements that don't seem to preview correctly.

I hope this helps some folks use the tool as-is until progress is made on a bug fix.

david mckisick

This still fails for me. Unfortunately, we needed a more reliable solution so we just used some word smithing as a cheesy workaround ("Next, right-click the button to proceed to the XYZ page. For this example, we click the button for you."). This obviously will not work for long because for the tutorial we need to emulate the functionality of the software as closely as possible, and to provide users with a true sandbox experience, we need for them to be able to right-click when they would normally right-click when using the real software. So we do need this fixed with high priority.

Paul Williams

I'm with David, I can't get the right click functionality to work, even on the base layer.. or in preview, or in flash, or anywhere...  So yes, I am forced to use text to tell users it won't work, and they should use the next button to simulate it...  As indeed we have to do for Ipad and other tablets, as it seems they don't support this functionality at all....   very frustrating. I've logged a support call for it, response so far is:

We  have reviewed your issue and we were able to duplicate your issue on a new project. I have submitted your case to our Quality Assurance team for their review. Unfortunately I was unable to determine a workaround. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be resolved.

Hopefully it will be resolved.

Amy Knierim

Hey Ashley,

I too am experiencing this problem on the base layer of a few of my slides. My course was originally developed in SL1, and worked perfectly at the time of publish. Now, we have updated to SL2 and I need to update a piece of outdated information in the course, but can not republish due to this bug. I am disheartened to see that the sting has been active for 6 month, and there is not a resolution for this issue. Can you provide any information on a timeline till resolution?

Thank you for keeping an eye on this for all of us.

Paul Williams

Hi Amelie,

The only thing you can do is to downgrade to Update 4, which does seem to help, (although you will have to live with the reminders that there's an update available, and would you like to download it). You will still have problems with mobile devices though, as you can't simulate a right click on them. I'd be very happy to be proved wrong on that one.

As for workarounds, I have looked for ages, but in the end, I am still just adding in a disclaimer to say it doesn't work, and using a Next button to move to the next screen. If they are of any use, I've attached the front screen disclaimer and right click page disclaimer gifs I insert. Feel free to ignore them :-)  Not had any negative feedback about it as yet, although I really don't like doing it.

Hope it helps.

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