SL2 - Setting # of attempts for multiple questions at once?

Sep 22, 2017

Is there a way to change the number of attempts for multiple graded questions at once?

From the question bank it's possible to CTRL+click multiple questions, but I can not change the # of attempts setting for all of them simultaneously.

Instead, when changing the number - while multiple questions are selected - it only changes the setting for the last question in my selection.

I've tried a similar thing in Slide view with the same result.

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Ryan Angelo Yang

Hi Stefan,

I have sort of a workaround that I use when I want all the # of attempts to be the same for my questions. I create 1 question, then put in my "default" settings. After that, I go to the question bank, right-click question number 1 and select "Duplicate Question". It gives me 2 instances of the same question. After I've duplicated my question x times, I go into each question and edit the text on the question and answer.

It's great for when I have the same type of questions, like all multiple choice. 


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