(SL2) This set of string will disable navigation once slide is visited

Apr 14, 2016

I discovered this weird bug in Storyline 2 where showing this set of string on a slide will disable navigation for your course (next, prev, menus). 


The text string above is what PHP programmers use to check whether a valid e-mail is being used in a form so it's not just a collection of random characters.

I was able to recreate it on a new project.

  1. Create a scene with multiple slides
  2. Paste that text in any slide
  3. Preview the scene
  4. Before visiting that slide, go through the other slides first to make sure you can navigate
  5. Visit our special slide and you'll find out that you can't navigate any more. 

To validate that the string is the culprit, try hiding that text and preview the scene again. Adding a space somewhere in the middle of the string will also work.

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