SL2 to SL3 player bug

Hi there,

We are hard at work migrating SL2 to SL3. We noticed SL3 renders the player with a  horizontal line at the top and bottom of the framed slide. See attached pics for references.

On the first pic, I've put the player navy blue in order to have the issue more noticeable. On the second one, the lines are dark grey.

I haven't dug deep into this issue, in 2018, I come to the forum first for solution.

Has anyone had this issue? Anyone noticed it? Any workaround available?

Is this a new feature? Something we can get rid in the player setup?

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Rich,

We're seeing similar issues in projects upgraded from Storyline 2 to Storyline 3. It tends to happen on slides that have a background image. Is that what you're seeing, too?

Try deleting and manually re-adding the background image to the upgraded project. Let me know if you see an improvement!

Richard Lorrain

On the first pic, background is a fullscreen video. I re-inserted the video and still have the issue.

On the second one, the background image is on a slidemaster. I did the same, replaced the background file, try streching it, lines are still there.

The first project has been rebuild entirely. It was basically overlays of resources(on layers) for the videos playing on the base layer.

The other project can't be rebuild at the time. It is a 9 hours course with 6 modules...

Anyway, I think I found a way. I am importing with the file/import/storyline/... the SL2 into a new SL3 project. So far so good.

Best regards